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Join 1500 fitness instructors, corporate trainers and experts who are sharing their knowledge to increase their income. You can now launch your own app to share your expertise & build a community.

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Chaitanya earns multiple lacs using teaching tools

Chaitanya is an Instagrammer and a teacher who teaches Maths & aptitude for college students.

He has packaged his course into bite sized videos that his students can watch on the go. 

He was previously teaching only offline. He was collecting payments using cash and Google Pay. He was able to reach only 50-100 students at a time. Now he has over 5000 students on his own app.

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Somya manages thousands of her customers from her phone

Somya is a fitness instructor. She has over a thousand students who attend her live fitness classes regularly. 

Through CreatorOS she is able to seamlessly collect payments, send notifications and market her app without having to leave the single dashboard.

She, along with her dedicated, have planned and launched various courses & marketing campaigns.

She effortlessly manages all her 1000+ students who have installed her app. 

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Teachers, Content Creators & experts use CreatorOS

"CreatorOS is the best support team you can have. They understand the kind of work I do and helped me in everything starting from uploading my videos to my marketing campaigns."
- Somya Luhadia (Fitness Instructor)

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You can sell content of any kind. You just need to provide your content, we take care of the rest – payments, streaming, security, analytics & more.

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Some frequently asked questions

You can sell content of any kind. You just need to provide your content, we take care of the rest – payments, streaming, security, analytics & more.

It will cost you a lot to build an app. CreatorOS on the other hand, is free to get started

  • You get continuous updates and access to new features
  • CreatorOS has a robust well tested infrastructure so that your app doesn’t crash
  • You can launch in less than three minutes without going to-and-fro with a development team
  • CreatorOS has a large and ever-expanding set of integrations. Hiring a developer to implement the same will be expensive.

No, it’s not.
This is a next-generation app called a Progressive Web App (PWA).
These apps can be opened from a browser like Chrome or Safari and installed on all devices.

Moreover, if you launch an app on the PlayStore or AppStore, you need to pay a hefty non-negotiable fee for each transaction that happens on your app  

The app can be installed on Android, iOS, Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows laptops. There is no need to visit any Play Store or AppStore.  

You can get started absolutely free of cost. We charge a 7% commission on your sales.

We give you access to some of the best marketers in the country. That’s the point, you focus on creating your content, and let us take care of the technical bits! 🙂

There is a lot of free material out there. That is also a part of the problem. There is so much free content that it’s hard to distinguish the good from the bad. 

Most of the people putting up free content, rarely take accountability.The audience is looking for reliable material. 

The free content is scattered. If you can aggregate some good material so that your audience doesn’t have to spend time searching for the right set of material, they’ll pay you to do it. Your curation is important, so is your style.

Lastly, your unique style of expressing the same content is very valuable. It shows your authenticity. The audience loves authentic content. They’ll pay for it.

You‘ll have to market the app – we will tell you how and even run campaigns for you.

Once you publish the app, you’ll be given access to a marketing playbook and dashboard that will guide you in marketing the app.

We also have our own community of experts, and we could connect you with them. 

You can also collaborate with independent digital marketing agencies who will spread the word.

No. That’s the point, you focus on creating your content, and let us take care of the technical bits! 🙂


We were previously called Socionity. As of 1st October 2020 we have rebranded to CreatorOS because we think this reflects our ethos better. We are here to build the entire Operating System (OS) for content creators and teachers.


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